quinta-feira, junho 12, 2008

Como melhorar o ensino?

Trabalho de equipa!

Ver em "Strong teams needed to succeed":

Doctor Liz Sidwell explains how she has helped schools to succeed

Doctor Liz Sidwell, the chief executive of Haberdashers Aske's Federation, runs two schools.

She is in the process of bringing the second, the Knights Academy, up to the standards required under the government's proposals.

Dr Sidwell said having a strong team to help run a school was one of the most important factors in its success.

quinta-feira, junho 05, 2008

Formação contínua, sempre!

Is it plugged in? by ZDNet's Christopher Dawson -- I really thought that most of my users were beyond the “Is it plugged in?” mode of tech support. I’ve trained and empowered and, quite frankly, it is 2008. Most folks are at least savvy enough to make sure that cables with unique ends are at least plugged into the only holes where [...]