quinta-feira, agosto 09, 2007

Ponte sobre o Mississipi: outro erro de contas?

Segundo relata o New York Times, os investigadores da "National Transportation Safety Board" concluiram que, no caso da ponte que caiu no rio Mississipi, pode ter havido

"a design flaw in the bridge that collapsed here a week ago, in the steel parts that connect girders, raising safety concerns for other bridges around the country"

e assim a "Federal Highway Administration" imediatamente recomendou que se tivesse

"to take extra care with how much weight they place on bridges of any design when sending construction crews to work on them."

Pode acontecer que

"If those who designed the bridge in 1964 miscalculated the loads and used metal parts that were too weak for the job, it would recast the national debate that has emerged since the collapse a week ago, about whether enough attention has been paid to maintenance, and raises the possibility that the bridge was structurally deficient from the day it opened."

Decididamente estes engenheiros parece que não sabem fazer contas!

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