domingo, junho 01, 2014

“Global Information Technology Report 2014”

"Portugal and Spain, at 33rd and 34th position respectively, present fairly stable profiles. As in past editions, both countries have managed to develop good ICT infrastructures (36th and 32nd, respectively) and ICT uptake has permeated among their populations, particularly in Spain where almost three-quarters are Internet users (34th). In addition, both governments have made significant attempts to increase the number of services they offer online. Despite these efforts, both countries continue to struggle to fully leverage ICTs to boost innovation (42nd and 57th, respectively), and weaknesses in their innovation ecosystems persist, notably in Spain (51st). Addressing these weaknesses and integrating ICT investments better with other innovation enhancing investments, such as R&D, would result in more robust economic outputs, which are needed for the economic transformation of these countries." (p.20)

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